Thursday, September 16, 2010

Happy Birthday, Ethan!

Time for another birthday post. Ethan turned 26 years old today, & is working at his awesome, new job, which was the best birthday present he could have gotten! I'm whipping up a feast tonight, but might not take pictures, since the lighting will suck & the food is heavily brown, ha ha. However, I wanted to post a couple pictures of the cake I made, as well as some hors d'oeuvre I made for him.

Since dinner won't be served until 6:00, I wanted to surprise him once he gets home, w/a glass of Cabernet & some of these bad boys:

They're peppered Tofurky slices, spread with a thin layer of softened cream cheese, then rolled up. My grandma used to make these, with real turkey, sometimes rolling up a pickle spear or some cheddar. So addictive!

This is the cake I made. It's a quarter batch of this recipe, minus the filling. I just filled it with cream cheese frosting. It's a little baby cake!

It's always a hit; I used to make it at my last job & everyone who tried it was a fan. I've only made it as a layer cake, never as a tube cake, but I'm sure it's great no matter what. This time I used white whole wheat flour & brown sugar, so it's a LEETLE BIT more wholesome...

Eth, you're my bestest friend & I'm so thankful for all our dorky, good times!

P.S. Ruben says, "Happy birthday, Papa!"

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