Friday, April 29, 2011

Globalization Project...

For my Globalization class, we were assigned small groups & were asked to visually depict the Development Project. Our group (Matt, Travis & moi) made a stop-motion animation of the Green Revolution. We tried to contrast two farmers, one of whom accepts HYV seeds, while the other remains traditional. The short, thick, HYV wheat demands more water and chemical fertilizers, while the natural variety is more resistant to pests, weeds & flooding.

We had to take over 500 pictures, & I guess I didn't let the camera auto-focus each time, so there are some blurry parts. It's pretty cool for first-timers though! Our class enjoyed it. :)

This is what we came up with...

This weekend, I don't have any major projects looming over me, so I hope to have a crafty night with the ladies! I've gotten my dress pattern, so I just need to pick which fabric I'll use & get going. Fun!

Oh, I found these cute Spring cookie cutters @ Goodwill the other day. I love the mushroom one sooooooo much!

We also found a mug rack...finally! Ethan gets annoyed with all my mugs. Whatever, dewd.

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