Thursday, May 10, 2012

Garden Love...

This week was full of gardening prep & planning, so I wanted to take pictures to keep track of how things are growing. <3

The eggplant lives in the greenhouse, since it needs a hot environment:


Also in the greenhouse are these three tomatoes, including a purple variety(!), & some basil:

On the side of the greenhouse, I have this grafted San Marzano tomato that Coral gave me as a housewarming present, plus a hill of pickling cucumbers.  I also sprinkled some marigolds around, since they're companion plants:

Next to the tomato/cuke bed, I'm trying an experimental potato tire tower.  Unfortunately, I just read about the possible hazards of stuff leaching out of old tires, so I'll probably just keep the poisonous potatoes to myself:

In front of the greenhouse, I put two more tomatoes, plus some basil & radishes:

Next, there's the squash section that has two kinds of summer squash, & two kinds of winter squash:

The strawberries are doing really well!  The ones in front were here before, & the ones in the back were ones I brought, plus a ton from Coral's house:

My main vegetable bed has more pickling cukes, beets, sugar snap peas, carrots, kale, rainbow chard, nasturtiums, & Brussels sprouts:

Since the rest of the available beds are for my roommates & I still wanted to plant more stuff, I used a couple large containers for salad greens & peppers:

Besides all the edible stuff, I made a bunch of succulent planters out of these hole-y rocks from the coast.  My brother & I found them on our various walks:

This one is placed on a huge hunk of driftwood that Sean helped me lug home:

 Yay, gardening! 

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