Saturday, October 2, 2010

Another Sweater Done!

This is the infamous Buttony Sweater, by Katie @ Oh My Stars.

She has a free guide to knitting a custom-fitting, asymmetrical, bulky-yarn sweater. Years ago, I made a magenta one, but the asymmetrical thing just didn't look right on my all. I think it looks better on smaller folks, but that's just my opinion. I recently frogged that one & cranked this version out It's a more traditional, down-the-middle cardigan. I love it & have gotten several compliments on it already! I didn't add any waist shaping, so it's one of those comfy, warm, non-form-fitting sweaters.

I'm planning on making another with my magenta yarn, but I want to see how this yarn holds up, & whether or not it'll stretch out or anything. That way I can make the next one a little smaller.

And, for some reason, I've never taken pictures of my cell phone cozy, so I wanted to add it to my Ravelry projects page. It's cute, but it's always floating around in the bottom of my backpack, hidden from human sight, including mine. Poor little mushrooms. :(

This weekend is rare, in that I have zero responsibilities! Ethan & Ruben are visiting his parents, & I don't have to work or dog-sit, so I can put my feet up & just chill. So nice. My sister is coming over later for a slumber party, & we're gonna craft our asses off, make enchiladas, & watch The Avengers. What could be better?! After this, I'm going to decorate the house for Halloween, which is also Mom's birthday. This is so fun! Happy October, everyone!

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