Monday, October 4, 2010

In Memoriam

Ruben Colburn: April 19, 2004-October 4, 2010

We will never forget...

*how gentle you were with kids, smaller dogs, puppies, kitties, & especially your brother, Yoda.

*our long Summer walks to the library.

We will never forget...

*the way you would guilt us out, with a look, when we went out.

*how excited you got when we mentioned going for a ride, or a trip to the beach, or for a walk.

We will never forget...

*your goofy smile.

*how much you loved when we'd sing to you or play Enya for hours.

We will never forget...

*all the fun we had.

*our awe of your slobber strings & their seemingly impossible velocity.

We will never forget...

*how sweet you looked when you cradled Baby in your arms & nuzzled her as you slept.

*the way you'd snore sometimes.

We will never forget...

*how excited you'd get when company came over, especially Auntie Coral & little Clementine.

*how you'd beg us to play tug-of-war, & bark insistently when we stopped.

We will never forget...

*how concerned you were when Papa was "out of range".

*the way you would talk to us & let us know your needs/demands, depending on your mood.

We will never forget...

*the way we would mimic your fusses & how we'd take turns, back & forth, for the longest time, almost singing to each other.

*how you'd shake your head, rattling your collar when you needed something.

We will never forget...

*the enthusiastic way you'd welcome us home from work or school.

*how much you loved to chew on carrots, bones, & lavender!

We will never forget...

*how faithfully you protected us over the years.

*the way you charmed everyone around you.

We will never forget...

*your puppy-like spirit, that outlasted your Earth body.

*your beautiful, soulful, brown eyes.

We'll love your forever, Noodle.

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