Saturday, November 6, 2010

Late Halloween & Birthdays Post!

I had a somewhat lacking Halloween this year, which sucks because it's my mom's birthday & my favorite holiday! Oh well. My sister & I went to visit Mom for one night, then I watched half of Wizard People, Dear Reader with my sister on Saturday & ate delicious baked tofu sandwiches & cranberry sauce. She's seriously the master of baked tofu & cooking tasty food, sans recipes. The main reason my actual Halloween sucked was because both Ethan & I had to work. Wah, wah, wah! Oh, and we never got pumpkins for jack-o-lanterns either! Next year, I tell you, next year!

I thought these tomatoes were really beautiful---all the colors of the rainbow. I picked them when they were really hard & green, so I was surprised at how ripe they got. They actually got much riper, but I didn't take any more pics.

Yesterday was my friend Drew's birthday, so I gave him this card that I made. I carved the mushroom & happy poo stamps too. It's really fun to carve your own, but the material I use is pretty fragile, like if you rub it, it will crumble. My advice: simple is better & don't be too attached to your creations!

Ethan recently found this owl that I made a year ago. It's been driving me nuts, not knowing where it is. I thought Ruben ate it or something!

I made some Halloween cards for sending out. They were made with a combination of purchased & homemade stamps.

For my mom. She loved this witch design that she found on the internet somewhere. I kind of simplified it, but she still thought it was cool.

Skull card. I carved the skull & really like how it came out!

More generic cards, made from the set of Halloween stamps I got at Joann's.




I also made a couple non-Halloween cards, in case something non-Halloween-y came up.

Green deer:

Brown deer:

That's it! I need to do homework now...

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