Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Adventures in Reusable Sandwich/Snack Pouches

My sister gave me the cutest gnome sandwich keeper, so I wanted to try making some from scratch. There's a lot of debate about lining them with various sketchy plastics, such as PUL, vinyl, etc., so I just lined mine with more cotton fabric. Who cares if the inside gets a little mustard-stained, am I right? And it's not like you'd pack super drippy sandwiches into these anyway, since they'd be soggy by the time lunch rolled around.

The fabric I used were scraps from other projects & stuff I'd gotten from thrift stores. This tutorial was, by far, the simplest & most straightforward that I found. The fruit one is the first one I made, & is lined with that never-ending pink gingham. Thanks for holding it open for me, Mr. Fuzzy Owl!

The blue flowery one is lined with some pink rose fabric, plus it has a heart applique on the front. :)

Below is the cute, yet somewhat deformed, heart. The applique tutorial here is awesome. I used a plain stitch around the outside, rather than the fancy one shown, but I'm sure it'll stay put with the help of the fusible interfacing.

My sewing machine is my late Gran's Singer 404, so I don't have that neat-o zigzagging ability that most people use for appliques. I guess they made an attachment for this machine, but I haven't found one in Gran's stuff. Last night, I was looking for a zipper in the various tins & drawers which housed her sewing loot, when I realized that she was such a meticulous lady---she kept little dated notes with everything & marked future projects in pamphlets & magazines. So cute. Anything I sew that turns out half decent is dedicated to this fierce HBIC! :) I love you, Gran!

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