Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Camping in Yachats...

It took me a few days to get caught up on life, before I could make a post about last weekend's camping trip. It was a family trip, with my sister, my brother & I. Believe it or not, the three of us had NEVER gone camping together before this!

We didn't have reservations, so we ended up driving down the coast until we found an open campground. Talk about stressful! Having the car loaded up, the bike rack on, & a few antsy wannabe campers on board was rough. Just as we were about to give up, we stumbled upon Cape Perpetua, just outside of Yachats. We immediately set up camp, ate, then headed to the beach.

We found the coolest beach, called Neptune State Park.

There were all these cool, shallow caves everywhere.

Nearby, there were tidepools full of tadpoles. Weird! They were for sure on their way to becoming frogs though...

It seemed obvious that the area was so named, due to the space-y terrain & unique rock formations. So cool!

Sean & Smels on some rocks:

Sean, looking pensive:

Smels, exploring the rocky terrain:

We went on a couple short hikes, back at camp, including this one to the Giant Spruce Tree.

Smels spotted this beautiful, dewy plant.

Sean proved himself to be a champion kindling chopper!

The next day, we went to another beach, called Bob Creek State Park. We saw a lot of critters there.

A sassy baby crab:

A white sea anemone:

And some green ones:

And this poor starfish was regenerating itself, after some sort of near death experience:

There was a lot of stinky slime!

And some pretty seaweed/kelp. I'm too ignorant to know the types!

Sean was feeling tired, so he decided to take a break for some whittling:

Back at camp, he used candle wax & some scrounged wire to complete the boat & make it seaworthy. It passed the test here, floating in some mosquito larvae-laden water. Ew!

On the last day, before packing up, Smels spotted a couple lobster mushrooms. One of them had already been harvested by another camper.

This was so much fun. We'll have to go camping together more often!

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