Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cravings, Eggs & Succulents

Last night, I had a majorly wacko craving for toast: one piece with homemade strawberry jam, one with butter & nutritional yeast. It was delicious. For a moment, I was tempted to sandwich them together, but thought better of it. Maybe next time...

I also have all these eggs to use at some point. Some are from Coral, some are from my sister. They both have a bunch of happy chickens that crank out the best eggs in the Universe---the yolks are so bright that they're almost orange! I see a lot of egg salad sandwiches in my future.

Ethan's on the coast, at his parents' house, trying to quit smoking, so I told him that when he gets back I'll make him some crème brûlée. And Coral is letting me borrow her blowtorch for the crunchy sugar topping. I'm excited!

Speaking of Coral, she goes to the Country Fair every year & does henna tattoos for people. She brought me back this zig-zaggy hand-thrown pot that I adore!

Since I'm obsessed with succulents, I planted a variety of little starts in there, hoping they'll go wild & fill it up. Hmmm, I see a dog hair in there too...bonus of living with a big ol' dog!

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