Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fancy Egg Salad

This turned out surprisingly well, but it was likely due to the amazing eggs & chives I'd been given by Coral, my sister, & Ethan's parents. The eggs were almost buttery...

Egg Salad w/Chives

*6 organic, free-range eggs
*Vegenaise/mayo to taste (maybe 1/4 cup?)
*2 teaspoons mustard
*salt & pepper to taste
*handful of minced fresh chives
*delicious bread---I used Grand Central's Como

Gently place the eggs into a medium pan, then cover with cold water, by about an inch. Bring to a boil over high heat. Remove from heat, cover, then let sit for 12 minutes. Drain water, then fill pan with cold water, letting the water cool the eggs. If the water gets warm, drain & refill with cold again.

Crack the eggs & peel them. Chop them to whatever texture/size you desire: I really use a fork to make 'em fine. Add Vegenaise, mustard, and S & P. Taste & get the seasonings perfect, then fold in the chives.

Lightly toast bread & spread with egg salad. Garnish with chive blossoms, if you want to be super fancy.

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