Sunday, July 25, 2010

My First "Real" Sewing Project!

I'm lucky to have my Gran's old Singer, & have only just now completed my first garment...this cute owl apron! I think I'm going to give it to my friend Sage, since she loves to cook & her birthday is coming up soon. Excuse the poor lighting, please. I planned on taking better pictures today, but our apartment is all dark (closed blinds to keep out the 95*F sun), since we're trying to keep the interior cool for our dog, Ruben. It works, but looks a bit dreary.

I got the owl fabric from Joann's, & the gingham was from a free pile---there's a ton more of it too!

It took me two days to sew, because I ran out of ric rac & had to make another little run to Joann's, which ended up being an hours-long adventure, when Ethan wanted to come along. We then had to go to his bank, the library, Movie Madness, the library again (since they'd left some DVDs out of the cases!), Trader Joe's, Joann's, Goodwill, then Joann's again (he found a cool calligraphy book & wanted some pens). Whew! That must be why it wasn't finished till 10:00 last night, ha ha. It probably needs to be ironed again, but that can wait.

Said ric rac:

Cute, ribbon-y pocket:

This garland was my first little warm-up project. The idea is from The Purl Bee (they have the cutest free project ideas/patterns!!!), but I didn't use invisible thread (because I didn't have it, or care enough to buy it). I haven't figured out where I'm going to hang it, which is why it's just in a pile on the desk. I didn't place the colors randomly, like they suggested, because I am obsessed with rainbows & it can be a pride garland too!

Now I've got to get sewing on a poppy dress that I actually started last summer. The pieces are all cut out, but are jammed in a drawer of fabric. I was too intimidated to start sewing...until now!

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