Monday, July 19, 2010

Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

It's sort of difficult for me to transition from the quiet, nature-filled camping scene, back into the obnoxious (at least where we live, ha ha!) city environment. One cool thing was going to the Farmer's Market though. I got a rainbow bouquet of flowers, a bunch of fresh lavender, & an armful of phallic veggies: regular & yellow zucchini, plus a few cucumbers.

Pretty flowers:

I decided to make roasted zucchini, since roasting is super easy & always brings about great results. Here they are on an olive oiled sheet, after slicing into 3/4" rounds.

And here they are after being tossed with a mixture of olive oil, the juice of a lemon, a teensy bit of sugar (like 1/4 tsp.), & salt & pepper. Roast away in the hottest oven temp. possible, turning halfway through, for about 16-20 minutes. Try to hold out for the browning.

Can you see all those glorious browned bits? I wish I would have let them go longer, but I was too hungry, plus my pasta was ready to eat. The ones on the edge were the best.

At work, I made some cinnamon-raisin & cranberry-orange scones, along with a batch of orange-nutmeg cookies...

The recipe is from The Grand Central Baking Book, but I vegan-ized it for work.

I also found comfort in Mario. Ethan & I had a video game night & it was a blast. My old NES is still kickin'!

I feel better now...I'm outta here!

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