Sunday, July 11, 2010

I finished the felted bag!

Yahoo! I actually finished it a couple days ago, but have been running around a bit. From start to finish, it took 3 days, which was pretty crazy. Because I used bulky yarn, as opposed to worsted, I should have changed some of the dimensions, however, I did the next best thing by making it look like I MEANT to make it that way...

I knit up a bunch of flowers, leaves & a couple ties that would adorn & "fancify" the bag.

Before felting:

After felting:

To fix the wonky sides, I had to gather them in, or it would have been weirdly flat & stuff might have fallen out, & since the bag is for farmer's market produce, that would have been tragic! I made a few folds, then used consecutively larger knitting needles to make holes that were big enough to thread the ties through. It took a bit of muscle near the end.




Here is the result of all that stabbing & threading, ha ha:

I really love how it came out & am thinking of making one for myself.

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