Friday, July 9, 2010

Stuck Inside

I think I mentioned earlier that we were having a mild summer in Portland...well, that has changed! I am super lethargic & have locked myself in the apartment for pretty much two days. It's deathly hot outside, at least for this lifelong rain-lover! I can't deal.

I've been living off smoothies again.



At least the flowers appreciate the merciless sun!

It was my friend Coral's birthday yesterday, so I've been working on her presents. I know it's late, but she's actually gone till Sunday or so, plus we're usually late to give each other gifts, since we're both crafty types who procrastinate to the max! I made her a French Market Bag, but tweaked it to what yarn I had on hand.

Day One:

Day Two:

It came out a little different than expected, but I am pretty sure I can snaz it up & it'll be cool. The bag is already felted, but I've gotta work on the embellishments today.

Then I'm planning on making a couple batches of Grand Central puff pastry, from my new cookbook, and putting them in the bag. I think she'll like it! I'll post the finished project in a day or two...

P.S. Some creeper from Idaho has been calling me, ever since 1:19 last night! 8 calls so far, & they're spaced so weirdly as to suggest he does not sleep through the night. I finally had to turn my ringer off last night, which I don't like to do, in case of emergencies (I'm a worry wart!), but what the hell?! He's left two messages which clued me in on the fact that some lady gave him a fake number, the reasons for which are made clear by his uber-creepiness. Now I feel bad for making up phone numbers to give to weirdos, since they probably harassed some innocent person. :(

In random news, I am SO IN LOVE with Jemaine Clement. It's become quite out of hand.

That is all.

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